Instruction Sheet Clinical Chemistry

Dear Participant:

  • Enclosed is your clinical chemistry specimen number ( ) tested negative for hepatitis and HIV.
  • Keep the specimen lyophilized until use and store it at 2-8c.
  • Before analysis open the vial very carefully to avoid any loss of the lyophilized material then add exactly two ml(2mL) of distilled water(DW).
  • Make sure that the specimen is completely dissolved by leaving stand at least for 30 minutes(30min) at a room temperature and swirling it gently every five minutes (5 min).Do not vigorously shake
  • The specimen is stabile for two-hour(2hrs) at room temperature after dissolved.
  • The tests are:(glucose, alkaline phosphatase, Urea, creatinine, GPT, GOT, bilirubin, uric acid, cholesterol, triglyceride, Calcium, Albumin, CK, Sodium,HDL -Cholesterol, LDL - Cholesterol,Phosphorus inorganic &Amylase Total.
  • On the Result Return Sheet record the date the sample was received and the date of analysis.
  • Write the result clearly in the appropriate space ensuring.


Return your results to EQAS office:-

  • Through  the web site of EQAS ()
  • By fax: 02/2414076
  • By E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • By telophone: 02/2414076

For consultation and/or questions please contact 

  •  Ask specifically for Mr.Ziyad Al khdour        On Sun .thru Wed. at  9:00- 15:00

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